Staffic helps you simplify employee performance reviews

Preparing questions, answering them, and assembling statistics is as easy as a pie.

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Strongest sides of performance reviews are simplicity and flexibility

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Easy to Use


Add employees manually or import an Excel spreadsheet. Then put together the employee performance review form and send a link to the respondents. Staffic will automatically generate the login credentials for employees and managers. Track the summaries of completed sessions, and export the results to an Excel spreadsheet if needed. The IT and maintenance side of things is for us to worry about.

Employee Performance Review Forms for Various Needs


All questions and performance review form templates can be reused. The templates split questions into groups (for example, results of the previous period, current state, and future milestones). New questions, or existing ones from our question bank, can be added to each part. To reduce manual work, an old template can be copied as the base of a new one.

Consistency and Trends Over the Years


If the employee has answered the same questions before, the performance review form will also show the previous answer (if allowed). Still, you don’t need to stick with the same template to maintain consistency. The employee and manager can easily track changes in satisfaction and prior agreements. Both parties also have access to the forms of all past performance review sessions.

Managed Process, Guaranteed Data Quality


When putting together an employee performance review form, you can configure whether the answer to a particular question can be changed by only the employee, only the manager, or both; and whether the answer is mandatory. Authorized users always have an overview of the progress of the performance review session – and if someone’s forgotten to answer a question, a reminder can be sent to them. Results can be exported to Excel for easy data processing. Tedious consolidation work is eliminated.